Server Monitoring
  • Server and firewall to monitor abnormal conditions to ensure 7 x 24 customer service platform.
  • Regular daily backups, and check the backup files to ensure data security and reliable customer's patrol.
  • Disaster recovery drills on a regular basis to ensure that users return to service within 24 hours of normal service commitment. (Except for third-party service failures, such as submarine cables break, etc.)
  • Small regular monthly inspection and annual overhaul. (Carried out only in the small hours to minimize impact on customers, checking network platform suspended only during the login, customers can continue to patrol the data uploaded, and to ensure that the upload time out patrolling the no loss of information)

Equipment maintenance and installation
  • Customers receive a repair notice will be home within two working days for the relevant equipment.
  • Opening of the express service, and sent within two working days after installing the patrol equipment.
  • Customers can use the application and maintenance APatrol notice, fast technical support available to reduce the fill in a form, sign and fax Chapter cumbersome process.

Software applications and development
  • Video teaching software applications to provide clear and easily understood.(Traditional Chinese and English only version)
  • From time to time update and revise the software modules, to provide more services and analysis.
  • Gather customer feedback and comments, more useful customized features.

Price promise
  • Detailed records and monthly statements online query statement (last 3 months).
  • All monthly service fee, patrol parts cost, no commitment to 31/06/2012 price adjustment.
  • Service fee adjustment, no more than 10% of the original price.
  • Patrol parts of the adjustment, no more than 20% of the original price.
  • 31/06/2012 patrol all parts to pay as follows:
  • - Patrol points @ HKD $ 10
    - Line Card @ HKD $ 10
    - Staff Card @ HKD $ 15
    - @ HKD $ 400 installation fee