• Separate line using the 100Mb connection HKIX, in order to provide better service experience.
  • After patrolling the data uploaded, just 15 seconds, the patrol immediately inspect all records, no waiting.
  • Use of Ajax and the optimization of the source code, to reduce unnecessary procedures pre-set to produce a report of more than 1,000 pages of patrols (PDF), just 25 seconds.

  • APatrol streamlined design, high efficiency and ease of use.
  • We are all responsible for the backup, the user will not lose data due to computer failure.
  • Ad hoc reporting and analysis of the directory and use different colors for the difference.
  • May return a mere touch of a few equipment failures, replacements and other matters, our staff follow up on the next working day.

Mobile and compatibility
  • In addition to Microsoft Windows, but also compatible with Linux, Mac and smart phones.
  • Time and place without restriction, simply connect to the Internet, anywhere can use.
  • All browser (IE / Firefox / Chrome / Safari) can use, no need to install the software.
  • Multi Language Support, Chinese (Traditional) / Chinese (Simplified) / English / Japanese / Korean and more ...
  • Since most of the operations by the server group is responsible for the client's configuration requirements very low:
  • CPU: Pentium 3 500MHz or above;
    Ram: 64Mb or more;
    Internet: required;

  • All sensitive information, such as passwords, patrol route, patrol reports spend more than 128-bit encrypted (https), to prevent the transmission between the user and server was eavesdropping.
  • System with different access rights, operate independently of each patrol plate, without disturbing each other.
  • All data are stored in the patrol central server group, and to make daily backups and regular checks to ensure all information not lost.
  • System and updated from time to time in return, fully automated, the user can concentrate on management.

Other features of more
  • Can be used on the same path more than the beginning card crop management or security purposes.
  • Detailed report on patrol tray and path to assist managers for statistics and investigation.
  • PDF reports in addition to patrols, patrol information can also be exported to Excel to be used for other statistical purposes.
  • Express the opening service, the application to complete the installation, just 2 days.
  • Maintenance records, application and billing information, at a glance.
  • Welcome to customer feedback, to add or improve the existing modules.