Patrol Equipment

Patrol Points (RFID Tag) is a small plastic plate can be fixed in any place, completely waterproof and sun protection, sturdy and durable.

You only need a telephone line (supports internal line) and send your patrol information contained in stick to our server for storage and analysis, easy to use.



Services Platform

The traditional way of patrol process is very inconvenience to query and store patrols information; use of digital services platform, our system providing all the required analysis and reports clearly.

And can save all of the patrol records properly, saving storage space and cost.



Technical Support

As a service enterprise, improve the security of equipment and software support services are therefore indispensable.

We provide users with the next two working days on site services, and 7x24 network support services.

Services Details...


Analysis Report

In addition to patrolling the record, it also provides maintenance records, patrol location and analysis information for management staff to improve services level and deal with the problem of the patrol process.

The information provided through the service platform and data to facilitate better management and better patrol services.

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Why do you need APatrol?

A fixed monthly fee, you can rent all patrol equipment you need, operate on Internet, easy to edit patrol routes, view and print records and analysis, and enjoy a free onsite maintenance service.

APatrol is a fully automated monitoring system, very stable patrol equipment, friendly-use platform not only provide convenience to your employees , your customers can also view real-time patrolling through the Internet. Flexible services plan allow you to chose your best fited needs and reducing operating costs.

Please contact to our Customer Service Officer and the arrangements for the demostration!

APatrol system structure: