The latest record of patrol
  • Summary showing the number of patrols patrol disk.
  • Monitor whether the daily patrol duties.
  • Forecast Tour disk device is functioning properly, so we provide the perfect service.

Tour sites and path analysis
  • Through a simple chart showing the last 3 months of analysis.
  • Provide a clear historical record of the line chart patrol, patrol lack of any record can be at a glance.
  • Patrol reports pie charts, lack of clear records of visits, repeat, and the number and percentage of order errors.
  • Shows that the average patrol time, to prevent too rapid or slow patrol of reference.
  • Tour the Tour shows the most frequently missing point for the management staff and security guards stepped up attention.

Patrol Report
  • Report of well-to-use, quick links to more information on the patrol day.
  • Report a variety of different colors to distinguish the status of patrol points; red for lack of patrol; Blue represents the order of the error; green represents repeat visits points; easy to understand.
  • Tour points showing the time between patrols, and its accuracy to the year, month, day, hour.
  • All records are patrolling patrols by order of default, display the name of patrol time and patrol point, and point in the situation of Remark patrol to prevent confusion.